These last few days have given us such beautiful weather! Here are some pictures of the dogs who are indulgently taking in all of this sunny, breezy goodness. I felt the need to take a few photos as I was also really enjoying this moment. 

Eve, my vivacious, passionate, spirited niece, and “her Esther”, who is as sweet as cotton candy and contagiously full of joy! Had tons of fun building forts and playing in tulle with these tiny ladies for this whimsical “Sisters” session.

Happy New Year, Everyone! Just before Christmas, Nancy and Wil welcomed their sweet baby Victoria into the world! She’s showing off her Christmas best here in these portraits! A little beauty for sure. 

Last month a friend of ours got engaged! It was a day full of surprises, good food, great friends, sweet letters, and a ring and a promise at the end! Congratulations Shannon & Ken.

We loved every bit of this portrait session with the Paulik’s. Such a fun-loving family, you can see the joy in their eyes! 

In the hustle of every day life it can be easy to let time pass us by. Today, we are thankful for the ability to freeze time and relish the moments that move by too quickly. There’s something so good about looking at a photograph from a moment back in time. They remind us to give thanks for the simple things. These portraits remind us to be thankful for brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, and that the Drummond clan is one girl stronger this Thanksgiving! Meet Willow River Drummond—Niece extraordinaire and stealer of our hearts.

You may recall last year’s Fall portrait session with the Drummond’s. Little did we all know at the time, there was another little pumpkin seed establishing her roots in this sweet family. Double the cuteness, double the fun!

You may remember Nancy & Wilmer from their wedding back in January. They are now excitedly expecting their first daughter, Victoria! Coming soon this December. We are so excited for them and patiently waiting to meet their sweet baby girl.

Our sweet niece Esther Danielle Drummond.